Concentrated Candle Scent Blocks 4 pack Xmas 2

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Christmas 4 pack of scent blocks Vanilla, Cinnamon, Strawberry and buttercream fragrances

Concentrated candle scent blocks in wax, fragrances approx 16lbS (7.27kg) depending on strength of fragrance required, because its already dissolved in wax it helps to mix with the bulk wax easier and less likely to sink to the bottom of the molten wax

After your wax has completely melted and just before pouring into your mould, add approximately 12.5% (2.5g) of the concentrated scent block to 2lb (900g) of candle wax.

Add more if you desire a heavy scented candle. The scent block will melt faster if you cut it up into chips or shavings. Each block has been marked to be cut into 8 pieces to assist


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