Dye Block - Cobalt Blue

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Colour candle dye blocks for paraffin or soy wax candles.Each block has sufficient dye to obtain the colour depth as shown, with 2.25 kgs of paraffin wax, however these blocks can colour up to 10kgs for lighter shades.

Note soy wax will require more dye to achieve a deep colour.

Each block will colour up to 10kg of wax, depending on depth of colour required, just drop the candle dye into your melted wax and stir well for a few minutes, for best results heat wax to 80 Celcius.

Different shades can be achieved by adding more or less of the block by shaving small flakes into your wax and testing colour by droplets onto saucer of cold water.



As with all candle dyes colour retention is improved with the addition of a UV stabiliser to the wax and keeping finished candles away from sunlight or heat sources.

Want to make your colour a bit darker? Add a small of a Black dye block

We recommend not overheating the wax, excessive heat can oxidise the wax, (turn it yellow) and have a deteriorating effect on dyes, most candle makers limit melt temperatures to 85 celcius.




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EAN 0769264352361
Product Code 0769264352361
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