Dye Pastilles - Orange

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Through Colour candle dyes for paraffin wax candles.

Each 10g of dye will colour approx 7kg of wax, just drop the candle dye into your melted wax and stir well for a few minutes, for best results heat wax to 80Celcius.

These dyes are highly concentrated dust free pellets ( approx 25 pellets = 1 gram) dilution rtae is 0.01% to 0.02% to reach colours shown. Because of pellet sizing it becomes easier to repeat a colour shade, particularly if you count pellets rather than weighing.

The dyes have been laboratory tested for burning behaviour, light fastness, the effects of use in different wax compounds, and chemical reactions with fragrances. The coloured candles are a good representation of the finished colour but are meant as a guide only, as always test small amounts of the candle dye if you are looking for an exact match.

Supplied in bags of 10g enough dye for 7kg of paraffin wax  or stearin to approx shades above.


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