Essential Oils

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Our essential oils, are obtained from "Norfolk Essential Oils" (NEO), a cooperative of growers and farmers in the region of Norfolk to the Fens, producing a wide-range of English distilled Essential Oils, not always the cheapest, but you can be sure of a fairtrade, ethical and reliable provenance.

Confident of their history and purity ,we use the same oils in the manufacture of our natural soy wax candles and our aromatherapy oil burner tablets/wax melts.

Their policy is to offer pure and natural products grown and distilled by the farmer members of the co-operative.Norfolk Essential Oils provide a full history on all operations carried out on its oils from 'seed to bottle' thus assuring the customer of a product produced to a high standard.

Testing of all oils produced from each field is carried out by an independent laboratory with a wealth of experience in essential oils; here the gas chromatography and aroma evaluations are produced which are available with all our oils.

Their policy is to provide a wide range of the highest quality essential oils that can be produced in England for an increasingly discerning market especially in aromatherapy and cosmetics, where provenance and assured quality are paramount.

They are also able to offer English distilled oils produced by the steam distillation of raw material imported from overseas along with a range of high essential oils produced by other high quality distillers from around the world.