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An opacifier and hardener commonly used when stearine is not appropriate (eg with latex moulds) As well as opacifying and hardening, it helps retain oils - usually from perfumes - to minimise the sweating of the oils from the candle, as well as giving the candle a longer burning time.

Vybar is often added to improve scent throw and it is its ability to retain oils that gives it that characteristic. Use the CS Bipol-X to increase the amount of fragrance wax will hold.  Add Vybar to your Mix at 2% to 5%, note like stearin vybar will increase shrinkage when cooling.

Supplied in bags of 100grams , enough for 2kgs plus of wax or 50 grams for 1 kg of wax

If using vybar for latex mould candles using paraffin wax , be carefull with essential oil or candle oils do not react with the latex.


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